AoLi (Lily Ao) the Canadian Artist from Hunan China

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Lily Ao - English

Ao Li was born in Hunan Province. Ever since she was a young girl, she loved to paint and draw. She always knew that she wanted to be an artist. In 2002 she left her job in the insurance office, enrolled at Hangzou University, Zhong Guo Mei Artist School and began studying drawing and oil painting full time.

In 2004 she attended an advanced course in oil painting at the Shanghai oil Painting and Sculpture Institute. During the course she received direction from several famous oil painters, including Yu Xiao Fu, Zhang Zheng Gang, Wang Shen Sheng and Yin Xiong. Later she became the student of famous oil painting master, Mr Chen Yi Fei. After this kind teacher looked at Ao li’s oil painting portfolio, he commented highly of her. “Your works have the divine and wonderful spirit, through them I can feel an artists’ rich emotional world, and the rigid pursuit of the true, the good and the beautiful. Your work represents yourself, you are very hopeful.” Sorrowfully, Mr Chen passed away because of long times spent in tiring hard work. Ao was deeply saddened at losing the great teacher. Later, Mr Chen’s younger brother, Mr Chen Yiming, the well known oil painting master who has worked in New York, stretched out warm hands and received Ao as his student. With his help and instruction, Ao’s painting skills have been enhanced greatly.

In 2005 she was invited to participate in the seventh session of The International Art Festival.

In 2005 she participated in the ‘International Art Exposition’.

In 2005 participated in the Shanghai First Session of International Collectors Exposition.

In 2005 participated in “Eastern Gold Fall” cultural exchange series of activities and was invited to exhibit her oil paintings.

In 2006 was invited to participate in the Shanghai China first session Art Wealth Peak Forum, the Chinese Commercial Federation Art Market Alliance Exhibition and the Shanghai Art Exposition Spring salon.

In 2007 an oil painting, size 60 X 80cm, called Red Dancing Shoes, was exhibited at Shanghai Art Museum.

In 2008 Lily showed and sold a painting of a Couple eating in restaurant at "The Beijing 2008 Her Persence in Colours VIII (April11 to 25) International Woman Artist Exhibition".

In 2009 her work was placed on the front covery of the Chinese Canadian Artist Federation 2009 show.

In 2009 in Port Coquitlam at the local Art Club Art Focus Artists's Association.

In 2010 - Art Focus Artists's Association (Spring Show)

In 2010 - Chinese Canadian Artist Federation 2009 show.

Ao’s work has been exhibited many times in art exhibitions at home and abroad and also published in specialized periodicals. Her work was chosen for the cover of a special edition of the Shanghai Artist, a magazine which features young oil painters and sculptors. Collectors from America, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, and Singapore have her works, as well as domestic enterprises and individuals.

Lily Ao - Chinese

人生就像一个大舞台, 有的人过着风光幸福的生活,有的人扮演辛苦的角色。 在人事与生活的压力下只要把心门打开, 什么压力都可以逐渐化解。 如今我拥有一个幸福的家庭,爱我的丈夫和两个懂事可爱的女儿。

在孩提时看父亲作画,兴致盎然, 浏览名家经典,更为一幅幅中外艺术大师们的杰作所深深感动,幼小的心灵在那时起就萌发出对美的追求。随着年龄增长, 那些栩栩如生的画面依然魂牵梦绕,作画的愿望越发强烈。所以尽管从事护士、会计工作多年,依旧初衷难改, 提起画笔从事艺术工作。从中国美术学院毕业后,我又幸运的师从世界著名油画家陈逸飞、陈逸鸣。在恩师谆谆教诲下,使我逐渐 更懂得如何发现美、创作美, 在心境清明、不受无名烦恼纠缠的心境下作画。

可把宇宙万物改形易貌, 也可让它来源生活,高于生活,美化生活。我热爱生命,人是万物之灵,每一个神情的变化,肢体动态的语言传达,都是如此的感触着我。赏画时用心交流,在我的画中你似能听到百鸟和鸣的声音,也同时品味着画中人的神情、眼神、灵魂…像似与你诉说一个美丽动人的故事、一段如诗如梦、鲜为人知的情缘,如浊世青莲静静的散发馨香使人观后心情清明。一幅好的作品可让人纯净心性、沉淀莫名的浮躁、洗涤染尘的烦恼、澄清混浊的心湖、照见清澈的心境。



敖莉,1971年出生于湖南。 自幼酷爱绘画,前后毕业于中国美术学院、上海油画雕塑院油画高级研修班。先后师从陈逸飞、俞晓夫等导师,在恩师的指导下,使我的油画水平有了很大提高。